The future of formula for babies: What lies ahead when it comes to feeding our children?

The best milk a baby can have is it mother’s. No doubt about that. However, when nature or logistics get in the way, formula comes in handy. We are all too familiar with the big boxes delivering instant nutrition and happiness.

A question you could ask is whether there are smarter ways to offer milk. If you rethink the way you have been doing business up to now, what kind of implications does that have for the future of formula?

We took the Danone team on a journey across the globe to work with experts from many different fields. We got inspired, learned tons, and most of all found out that there are other ways to sell formula.

The outcome was both exciting and ambitious. In strategic projects like these, the fruit of one’s labour becomes visible after many years of hard work. We are eagerly awaiting the new products and, once they hit the shelves, fi<!nd out what the young ones think about it.

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Martijn Pater