The cheese shelf in the supermarket is a sea of sameness. We co-created a new product range for Gouda cheese, creating some bite and buzz

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Dutch cheese is renowned throughout the world and a lunchtime favourite in the Netherlands. But lack of innovation in the category has led to a sea of sameness; supermarkets offering a wall of very similar yellow squares in branded plastic packaging. We helped our client Westland Kaas to take the spotlight back from bread by creating a new product range for their Gouda cheese brand Maaslander.

Learning from the best experts in the worlds of juices, fish, fruit & vegetables and even soups & sauces, we co-created the Maaslander ‘Kruid & Pit’ range, adding exciting taste variations to the Gouda cheese slices. This combination of taste and texture gives the cheese more bite, making even the most average lunchtime break a tasty experience.


After kicking off with store visits to research the current supermarket offer, we co-created concepts for the self service shelves in an Expert co-creation workshop with professionals and creatives from the food industry and a team from the family-owned business. These concepts were validated with consumer experts and 1,5 years later Westland introduced the Kruid & Pit range in Dutch supermarkets.

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