Board or bag? With a new proposition, we make it easier for surfers to catch waves from Norway to New Zealand

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In 2013, KLM changed their luggage pricing policies for odd-sized luggage. As a result, surfers had to pay a higher rate for their boards – especially annoying for surfers travelling with more than one board. Adding insult to injury, an injustice appeared in the KLM rules: golfers were able to bring their gear for free, whereas surfers had to pay hundreds of euros per board. Disgruntled surfers turned their backs on KLM. A small team within KLM’s marketing department picked up on the story and got in touch with Fronteer to solve this unfairness in the luggage policies.

In co-creation with professional surfer Yannick de Jager and a group of other experts (including professionals from Google, ad agencies, NGOs and the travel industry), we engaged in a compact co-creation project. Exploring travel from a surfer’s perspective.

The great news for surfers is that boards can now be brought on board, free of charge. Furthermore, KLM has recently launched an online platform for their new surfer friends, linking great surf destinations with weather and wave information as well as flights. Hang loose!

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