The future of car insurance is usage based. For LeasePlan, we applied rapid prototyping to design the next generation of their insurance offering

In a highly commoditised insurance market, novel technologies are opening doors to innovative propositions. With increasing consumer awareness and a wide range of possibilities to leverage such technologies, it is of the utmost importance to put the user central during development of new propositions. In close collaboration with LeasePlan, we designed a next level customer-centric insurance concept that allows LeasePlan to build on their 50+ years of experience, while taking the lead in the transition towards digitally-enabled car insurance.

Over the course of  four months, we used several Design Thinking methodologies to reach our goal. After thoroughly investigating the market and concepting potential pathways, the winning proposition was developed using rapid prototyping during a Design Sprint week at the Fronteer Office in Amsterdam.

In order to ensure the proposition could reach beyond our borders, validation of the proposition was done in various countries to ensure a good fit with local customer preferences. With Elevator sessions in Amsterdam, Lisbon and Madrid, we validated and enriched the proposition in co-creation with lead consumers.

On top of that, we used Growth Hacking to get insight into how customers react when they come across the proposition online.

We are proud to have collaboratively accelerated positive impact for LeasePlan and their customers with this unique proposition.

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Frédérique Moolenbeek

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