MEYN’s Factory of the Future: a new vision on poultry processing

Meyn Food Processing Technology B.V. is a worldwide supplier of equipment and systems for the poultry processing industry and market leader in its field. Their plants and installations operate in more than 90 countries across the globe, the organisation employs over 1000 employees worldwide.

Vision on the Future

In a world that is rapidly changing digitalisation disrupts the way we produce. Consumers are more aware and critical on the way food is processed, taking in account environmental aspects. Being an innovator in the category, MEYN wanted to create a vision on the Factory of the Future, as source of inspiration and compass for their customers and internal Innovation Department.

Customer co-creation

Customer Intimacy is highly valued at MEYN. Together with a project-team of frontrunners within the organisation we visited customers in different regions (Saudi Arabia, Ireland, US). We identified different areas of innovation, which were explored in co-creation with handpicked experts from the poultry industry and parallel industries. This resulted in a compelling vision and innovation roadmap for the coming years. MEYN’s vision on the Factory of the Future was shared throughout the organisation in different presentations and Town Hall meetings.

The Factory of the Future is Smart & Responsible

The Factory of the Future is first of all Smart (flexible, digitised, fully automated) and Responsible (sustainable, animal friendly, 100% food safe). New technologies will allow poultry processing to become more flexible and efficient. With attention for people, animals and our planet. MEYN is dedicated to inspire their customers to come along the journey.

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Leonie van Mierlo

Senior Strategist

Iskandar Tange