What does the future Destination Netherlands look like in 2030? We co-created Perspectief 2030 – a new vision on tourism for the wellbeing of all Dutch citizens

Tourism is expanding globally. In The Netherlands, international visits are expected to increase from 18 million in 2017 to 29 million in 2030. This brings economic growth, employment opportunities and works as an impulse for some regions. Yet other places in the Netherlands are already experiencing ‘overtourism’ and the increase in visitors is expected to put pressure on the liveability and loveability of places for residents, businesses and visitors. Living, working and visiting should go hand in hand so that tourists, residents and businesses can flourish alike.

Future destination Netherlands

So what should the future Destination Netherlands look like? NBTC Holland Marketing felt it was time for a vision that looks beyond what we are experiencing now. A compelling vision that inspires and will be embraced and endorsed by stakeholders from within and outside the tourism industry.

Co-creating a new perspective

For this vision we applied the power of co-creation with more than 100 stakeholders. Some by ways of interviews, others in Treehouse co-creation workshops. We looked into the differentiating power of The Netherlands as unique destination, into the challenges that come with increasing tourism and – most importantly – into the opportunities that it brings along.

Perspectief 2030

This has resulted in the vision document “Perspectief 2030” – a new vision on tourism for the wellbeing of all Dutch citizens.

This vision centers around a fundamental mindset change:

  • More is not necessarily always better: It is time to shift from destination promotion to destination management.
  • Tourism is no longer a goal in itself, but a means to an end: it should contribute to solving big challenges and opportunities of the Dutch society. Such the safeguarding of a liveable society, contributing to the sustainability goals and ensuring employment.
  • Tourism as a sector has largely focused on attracting visitors and making a profit for businesses and the economy. Until now, residents have been overlooked. They should always be part of the equation. In fact: tourism should always serve the shared interest of residents, visitors and businesses.

This vision was presented at the Toerisme Top in Deventer on October 10, 2018 for more than 500 people from within the sector.

Interested in the full vision? Visit www.perspectief2030.nl

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