A wicked problem: how to keep both buyers and sellers happy on one platform? We kept Marktplaats clean whilst finding a new revenue stream

As a digital service you always have to stay on top of your game. As the leading Dutch classifieds website, Marktplaats wanted to solve some challenges related to their growth. How to keep the site clean and relevant to users? And at the same time (why not) how to increase revenues with super-users?

We decided to involve these heavy users of Marktplaats. These were businesses that spend a significant amount of their sales and marketing budget selling their goods through Marktplaats. They were always looking for ways to increase revenues, thus potentially hurting the use experience.

We developed a completely new offering allowing large customers to cross-sell and Marktplaats to sell more. Even better: we increased the user experience by giving a cleaner and better Marktplaats experience. A win-win-win!

This innovation has been running for many years now, proving to be very robust from its introduction.

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