How to create the next step in online travel booking. Why not involve your partners in coming up with solutions?

Everybody knows and more-or-less everybody has used the platform at some point to book a room. had put a lot of effort into becoming top-rated for consumer experience. However, the focus on the experience of their partners (the hotel owners) had somehow become less important along the way.

Together with four different business development teams, we used the value proposition canvas to really investigate the current needs of the partners. We used defined segmentation as a guide towards value propositions, which we validated and elaborated together with various partners during our Elevator sessions.

We had some great results. First of all: the experience. It was the first time developing solutions had been done in co-creation with the most important stakeholders: the partners. Secondly,  we created sharp new value propositions per platform, guiding future developments within the company.

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