Nokia’s last push for greatness: bringing a feature phone to the global masses

Everybody knows Nokia – and what happend to them. We have been working with talented teams at the iconic Finnish mobile giant a few years ago and experienced first hand how they could not evade the decline of this global brand. In the last moments they still wanted to do something radically new and hired us to help.

We went on a global tour and co-created with young people around the globe a new proposition for an affordable smartphone. This became the Asha range. We were blown away by the energy and enthusiasm that we met and enjoyed every bit of it. Together with developers, marketeers, strategists, we validated and enriched phone concepts and created the brand story on the go. Other agencies involved materialised the brand in images and movies.

We contributed to the hopeful new range of feature phones, targeted at a young audience, ready to become part of a global tribe. In the end, this effort could not prevent Nokia from being sold, but to this day the range still is being sold, in huge numbers.

We would be happy to see the Nokia brand back in the game by the way. We believe great efforts are underway!

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Martijn Pater