Clever and Green – developing a vision on hubs for the Dutch Railways

The mobility landscape is changing

Mobility is changing fast. New mobility solutions and propositions are entering the market. Consumers are becoming more autonomous and demand freedom of choice and control over their journey. Sustainability is on everyone’s agenda – from consumer to government. This also impacts train stations: the role they play in a network, and the way they operate.

This new normal creates new opportunities and requires clever solutions. In fact, the word ‘mobility hub’ is coined frequently nowadays. But what is the definition of a mobility hub? What is it, and what is it not? Together with a wide variety of NS-experts from throughout the organisation we explored these questions and defined a vision on hubs”.

Creating a vision through online co-creation

This project started on the eve of the corona crisis and forced us to change our approach from a series of offline workshops into an online co-creation track. And with success.

By using tools like Zoom and Mural, we were able to run all our workshops virtually. We hosted online inspiration rooms to dive into the future of networks with experts from PostNL and the University of Utrecht. We also explored the power of transformational visions with experts from PicNic and Edge. What followed was a series of strategy workshops to define a future context, a vision on hubs and what that would mean for NS Stations and the role they play.


Learning about mycelium networks during the Inspiration Rooms.
Learning about mycelium networks during our Inspiration Rooms.

Hubs – clever and green

While we cannot share too many details yet, we can offer a sneak preview: The complexity of tomorrow’s mobility landscape asks for clever solutions., offering consumers freedom and control and making clever use of space through open and committed collaborations. And of course, hubs will play a key role in meeting NS’s powerful ambition: Nederland Duurzaam Bereikbaar. Voor iedereen. (The Netherlands, sustainably accessible for everyone) Setting a new standard in mobility.

Impression of a future NS hub


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