It’s all about coffee: how to make an out-of-home coffee experience a premium experience?

At the Fronteer we (almost) all love coffee! So working on an innovative new coffee machine for out-of-home occasions got our hearts beating faster. 

The stronge base of this project was a newly designed coffee machine for premium quality coffee (moments). The team of Douwe Egberts was proud of and happy with the product, but how would consumers respond? What does a premium coffee experience entail? And does this machine correspond with that premium experience and answer consumers’ needs? We accepted the challenge!

Fronteer invited 34 consumers to gain fresh insights, rich and constructive feedback, and creative ideas to improve the machine. With the feedback and ideas from the four sessions we brought the interface and design to the next level which made the machine ready to play a role in enhancing the pleasure of a coffee moment.

This project kicked-off in 2012 and we are very proud and happy to announce that the ‘Promessa’ won the prestigious Red Dot Award 2016 for product design!

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