From challenge to innovation programme to prototype to new venture in 6 months: why not re-invent the tyre business if we can?

Everybody needs tyres, but no one really cares about them. Brand recognition is high, but not a big trigger for buying a product. This is a typical dilemma for an industry where the product has more or less become a commodity. This is also the type of challenge we like.

To help PTG think outside the box, we created an innovation programme where three teams from the client went out to explore new concepts for future growth. Re-thinking distribution, on-line sales, services and connectivity led to completely new business ideas. In co-creation with experts, followed by validation by consumers, new concepts emerged.

The winning concept was taken from a concept to a prototype using GV’s Design Sprint method. In five  days from idea to tested mock-up, we found a new starting point for PTG.

The new business idea has now been given space to become an internal start-up. 2017 should be the year where the tyre business shows it can be as innovative as any business around.

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Martijn Pater