We helped create a breakthrough new proposition fuelling KPN’s growth and redefining service bundling in telecom

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In the dynamic world of telecom, where competition is always fierce, KPN needed a fresh take on bundling services. How to offer complete packages to customers without charging them too little, or too much? How to create a telecom proposition that would allow people to combine services when they felt like it? How to take into account the fact that the traditional household is fast going out of fashion and that people’s daily lives are becoming more complex and even more dynamic?

New propositions for KPN

We set out to co-create new propositions with the client team and visualised potential new routes. We then validated and enriched these propositions with future customers – both consumers and small businesses. What we found was that we had actually missed the point in what we had created and that we needed to go back to the drawing board. Our propositions were either too complex or too unbelievable, or both. It had to become simple and powerful.

A bold new route

The Fronteer team started a thorough exploration of potential new scenarios and, based on the session insights, we found a very bold new route. We decided we had to let people decide for themselves when they wanted to combine KPN products, and with whom. Easier said than done -the resulting workload was huge. KPN had to completely change its customer management system and create unique single identities for each individual client. But it was worth the effort.

KPN Compleet

Now, KPN Compleet is one of the main drivers of KPN’s continuous gain in market share. It is an unlimited source of inspiration for new communication, activation and propositions. We are very proud that we were there to help, and able to give meaning to ‘Voel je Vrij’ (Feel Free): KPN’s new motto.

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