Re-imagining school: we co-created the ‘House of Hospitality’ as a new model for education. The hospitality industry will soon welcome a new generation of excellent graduates

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Amsterdam is booming. It is expected that the number of annual visitors will have doubled by 2030, while Amsterdam is also aiming for a spot in the European hospitality top 5. New innovative ways of co-operation are required to meet these challenges .

Fronteer was asked to unite possible stakeholders and define areas of potential within the hospitality industry.

Together with a remarkable group of experts (such as hospitality experts and Amsterdam-based entrepreneurs) we concluded that human capital is an important asset requiring further development, and that more innovation needs to be brought to the industry.

The newly established ‘House of Hospitality’ is a strong public-private alliance between trade, businesses, industry, knowledge institutes and Amsterdam government. Its goal is to raise the levels of hospitality and services from a cross-sectoral perspective in travel, tourism, hotels and  restaurants as well as facility services, retail, transport and health.

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