Beauty 3.0 – educating new talent for the future of beauty

Among our most rewarding projects are the ones in education. For years we have partnered up with the ROC of Amsterdam (ROCvA) to bring innovation to the forefront in the vocational education system. Through co-creation with experts, staff ánd students, we’ve created some of the most significant new programs, such as the Jean School.

School of Beauty

Beauty is and will always be a hot topic. Centuries ago the Egyptians already had several beauty rituals, make-up, and wigs. Millenniums later, it seems, every month a new product is launched and innovation rises. We understood why tROCvA wanted to work with us to bring innovation into the education system for beauty. We noticed that there was a major gap between what the students were learning and what the streets of Amsterdam were offering. Our mission was clear: close the gap and co-create a Beauty 3.0 program.

Beauty 3.0: Approach & Insights

Our team consisted of three Strategists, James, Maryama, and Sarie. And one Connector: Britt, who during the first phase of the project did extensive trend research in the field of beauty. Britt specialises in trend research and street scraping as a Connector at Fronteer. Based on this research various interviews were conducted with experts from the field. One of the key findings was not only that the industry had surpassed the education system, but also that the traditional ‘standard’ of beauty that was embraced in the schools had already been dropped in the industry. Learning to perm and bleach hair was juxtaposed with embracing the diversity in hair textures and skin tones. “A true breath of fresh air” according to Maryama. And “an even more exciting challenge for us to take on and close this gap” (James). Several co-creation workshops with the ROCvA and external experts led to the creation of a modular curriculum preparing students for the future of beauty.

Together with the ROC van Amsterdam we created several pillars of beauty that are in the foundation of the new program, such as: inclusiveness, hospitality, and holisticity. Based on the following simple facts.

We want to offer a program that tailors to any future client of a graduated beautician. Beauty is not about the end results, it’s also about the experience, therefore hospitality is as important as any learned technique. And, let’s face it: beauty is not just about what’s happening on the outside, it is holistic.

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