New Tech Finance College: Time for the next generation in the new world of finance to stand up

We have been working with ROCvA for a long time and have developed educational programmes like Jean School, Urban Sports Trainer and House of Hospitality. About 3 years ago, during one of our expert co-creation workshops for ROC of Amsterdam (ROCvA), the idea was developed to create a new educational programme for ROCvA focussing on the world of fintech. Trends such as digitalisation, automation, blockchain, big data and cryptocurrencies have big impact on our economies, daily lives and the work that will be available for us in the future. Some jobs will no longer exist, while new opportunities arise in support, operations, customer service and data management.

How to create a new educational programme that is set up to the task of educating a new generation for the new world of tech and finance?

Opportunities for new talent

Well-trained talent is needed for economic growth. Equal opportunities and diversity are of great importance for the city of Amsterdam and for the financial industry.That’s why we co-created a new educational programme for ROCvA together with what we believe to be the key players in the new world of finance.

Co-creating a new programme

To get a thorough understanding of the skills that companies most need in the upcoming years, we conducted interviews with a variety of financial and fintech companies; e.g. Lightspeed, ABN Amro, ING, APG, Cross Options Group, Bux, Symbid and Igen. This was followed by an expert co-creation workshop in which we involved a mix of companies as well as teachers and students. The outcome was a rough sketch of the new programme and formed the foundation for a pilot programme.

New Tech Finance College

The first edition of the New Tech Finance College was designed as a 10-week pilot consisting of an intro week, Hot Topic Block, Practice Block and closing week. Within the Hot Topic Block the basics about the most important topics were taught by business experts. In the following Practice Block students got the opportunity to put their knowledge into practice collaborating in teams to work on real challenges of the partner organisations. For the execution of this pilot, four different ROC schools joined forces and all contributed their time and energy. Organising this with such a big and diverse team wasn’t always easy but we are proud of the result!

New Tech Finance College manifest

New Technologies, New Jobs, New Finance

Together with over 14 partners we have piloted the first edition of the New Tech Finance College. Thanks to the commitment of ABN AMRO, Adyen, BUNQ, BUX, Payconiq, Igen, Holland Financial Business Group, IBEO and Rabobank we are defining the best possible curriculum and exploring the potential of MBO trained students within the new world of finance.

Pilot: Build, Measure, Learn

The pilot that started beginning of september 2019, has been a new and eventful experience for the 20 students, partners and teachers involved. From opening the stock exchange to developing the way of banking in the future. Soon we will evaluate the pilot and define how we can scale and improve the programme; to educate the future talent required for the new tech finance jobs.

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