How to change an industry? We co-created and initiated the world’s first and only school of denim. Towards a brighter blue!

Amsterdam Denim Capital

Amsterdam is rapidly becoming one of the world’s most directional ‘denim industry’ capitals. G-Star, Denham, Calvin Klein, Hilfiger, Scotch&Soda, Kings of Indigo and many other brands are based here. Alongside many opportunities, this brings challenges and responsibilities. How to train a bright blue generation of new talent that will bolster the development of Amsterdam’s denim brands, and lead the transition to a cleaner industry?

In co-creation with experts from a wide variety of brands, we developed a concept. In partnership with ROCvA we piloted with a 10-week course. Following enthusiasm from students, teachers, brands and industry experts, we then collaboratively developed a detailed curriculum.

New education programme dedicated to denim

One of the first and most remarkable public-private collaborations in Dutch education: a 3-year denim-dedicated education programme; government-funded and state-accredited. The approach that formed the basis for this school (of close collaboration with multi-industry-leader coalitions to conceive, develop and realise new education programmes) has recently been taken as a blueprint for further education reform in collaboration with ROCvA. we redefined education in Physical Education, Event Production, Logistics, Menswear, Hospitality. And with Retail, Beauty and Finance coming soon.

Jean school

After only 5 years in operation, Jean School is a globally acknowledged center of education. Attracting students from all around the world, collaborating with top brands, manufacturers and academies. Jean School was recently ranked #101 in a global list of top fashion institutes. Remarkable for a vocational programme to sit among – and above – highly reputed master courses.

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