Cheers! Boosting the business for Schweppes Premium Mixers across Europe

When was the last time you ordered a G&T while sitting on a terrace? And do you remember what tonic was served with it? Depending on the location, there is a big chance that you received or ordered a different tonic than Schweppes, even though they invented the entire category back in 1783. Schweppes needed a partner with a strong expertise in business strategy to challenge their views and help them build one roadmap for all the Northern & Central European markets – despite the differences between them.

The challenge of an original newcomer

To compete in the premium tonic playing field, Schweppes launched a new range: the Schweppes Premium Mixer (SPM). This collection of drinks is developed by specialists and is meant to be paired with premium spirits and meant for connoisseurs from the horeca scene. Unfortunately the levels of success across the North & Central European (NCE) markets have been varying due to a “decentralised” model where every market was building SPM in different ways through local partners.

So the challenge was clear: how can we make SPM successful in the NCE markets? What route to market has the biggest potential? How and where to play?

Understanding current hurdles

For this project we focused on two NCE countries: Denmark and The Czech Republic. Although very different, together they help us to understand the challenges that SPM face. A great way to get insights into barriers for growth is to interview the right local experts. For this project we talked to different people such as bloggers, gin experts, bar owners and top bartenders. These conversations delivered valuable insights into the local rules of the game and served as perfect preparation for the next phase.

A deep dive into foreign markets

There is only so much you can do from a distance – local work is needed for appropriate advice. This work consists of interviews, visits of premium horeca and co-creation workshops with local partners. Therefore, we embarked on two local deel dives. The two country deep dives for this project served the following purposes:

  • Investigating the local market
  • Engaging local (distribution) partners
  • Co-creating winning concepts

Although we learned that both markets and their consumers are very different, SPM has matching hurdles in Denmark and The Czech Republic. Together with the local teams and partners, we co-created concepts and decided on actions to help overcome these.

A clear route to refreshing success

The output of the deep dives served as a solid basis for designing a 5-year growth plan for SPM. Together with the Schweppes team we created a new market strategy that reinvents the way of building the business locally. At the same time it inspires the marketing teams on how to drive the premiumness of the brand that has been here for the last 236 years… All to make sure you’re choosing SPM the next time you’re enjoying a G&T…


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