Being simply clever in a rapid changing landscape. How we built the ŠKODA strategy and brand story

Maybe you feel like ŠKODA does not have an instant clear image like Mercedes or Volvo. But when you look around, it is increasingly visible in the streets and in the media. Who hasn’t noticed their ‘Zaterdag’ campaign and the striking new car designs?

A new role

Coming from an underdog position, the Czech car manufacturer managed to become one of the top 8 car brands in The Netherlands – and they are not planning to stop there. But the mobility market is changing rapidly. There is a shift from ownership to use and new mobility forms are on the rise: Mobility as a Service, shared mobility and multimodality… and then we didn’t even talk about new and disrupting technologies yet.

The question we tasked ourselves with: what will ŠKODA’s role be in this changing world? And how should they position themselves to make further growth possible? A tough challenge in this very competitive market. We took up this challenge together with a dedicated client team and commenced with the Fronteer approach.

Fronteer Future Scaping

Our Fronteer Future Scaping model is the perfect tool to create a vision on the future of mobility, understanding the customer of the future and defining the future role of ŠKODA within this landscape. We found new inspiration with our Parallel Perspectives, visiting aspirational companies in different industries. After defining a vision on the future of mobility we created concepts for growth together with experts in our Treehouse co-creation session.

Validation with both driver and non-drivers of ŠKODA cars in our Elevator allowed us to gain deep insights and behavioural drivers.

Concepts for growth

This approach, which included co-creation throughout, has resulted in a new exciting growth strategy. One that contains a clear vision on the mobility world of tomorrow and the future position of the brand. For (future) customers we defined a new and relevant promise, while staying true to the roots of one of the oldest car manufacturers in the world. And together with a set of concepts for marketing, sales and services we are confident that this will pave the road for further growth towards 2021.

So. Next time you run across the ŠKODA brand you might be positively surprised!

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