The bank of the future? How can ABN AMRO support people in their daily lives with a mobile experience that excites them?

There are massive developments when it comes to fin-tech and online banking. New services and incremental innovations happen daily. But, somehow, it seems banking more or less stays the same, in its essence. Wouldn’t it be great to RETHINK banking from the ground up?

We invited experts from ABN AMRO internally and we asked some great minds to think with us creating a new service with a WOW. How could we really change to way we bank and what would be needed to make it happen? The results from our expert co-creation session we took one step further and created some really breakthrough concepts.

The output was a radical new way to approach banking. The impact on the current way of working was enormous and had to be digested by many internal stakeholders. So far, it is still under consideration to develop this new suite of services.

We truly hope ABN AMRO decides to take the step to start developing this new approach. It seems new fresh competitors are already thinking along the same lines. All it takes it a bit of freedom and budget to develop it.


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Martijn Pater