For our friends – we helped out the Favela Painting team by creating a solid foundation for future projects

The Favela Painting Foundation was founded in 2005 by Jeroen Koolhaas and Dre Urhahn, better known as Haas&Hahn. After visiting Rio they decided to transform famous ‘favelas’ into enormous pieces of art. The first step in this process was to teach the residents how to plaster and repair their homes, co-design the art piece itself, and then train locals how to paint and make the actual artwork. The team behind Favela Painting has single-handedly conceived a new form of art: collaborative, contextual, social and dynamic. No surprise then, that we got inspired!

Fronteer stepped in to support their growth and organisation, so that they – together with stakeholders, sponsors and beneficiaries – could make even more amazing work.

The results? A scalable workflow was established that is easy to explain to new clients and facilitates the start of new projects, including ‘the ColorLab’, ‘the Intervention’ and ‘the ColorCircus’. An Advisory Board, also known as ‘The Friends of Haas&Hahn’, was brought to life to lend a helping hand.

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James Veenhoff