Urban Sports Trainer: Exercise whenever and wherever you want. Transforming the city into our playground.

Over the years, many different sport courses have popped up in the Netherlands. Many with great facilities located around the campus. That is exactly what ROC of Amsterdam (ROCvA) can not offer on their premises. At least not to the level that it can compete in the market.
The teachers see a lot of trends and developments in sports happening around them. Which of these developments are the ones to incorporate into the curriculum? Answering this question is key to put ROCvA Sport & Bewegen on the map again. Both for attracting potential students and more over to raise interest from the ‘work field’ for these students.

Co-creating new curriculum

Together we went out to meet the ‘work field’ and organised co-creation workshops with several experts. These lead to the conclusions that the current curriculum is mainly missing out on desired elements of entrepreneurship and neglecting opportunities around ‘unorganised’ sports.

Urban Sports Trainer

Out of many the new flagship course ‘Urban Sports Trainer‘ originated. We embrace the fact that ‘city is our playground’ and we enable many soon to be entrepreneurs to make the city their work field.

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