010 E-com Academy – for the new talent in e-commerce

For years, we have been working on innovating education programmes in Amsterdam, together with ROCvA. What started as a single initiative to educate new talent for the Denim industry with Jean School quickly grew into a wide range of new educational programmes such as House of Events, House of Hospitality, Urban Sports Trainer and more. We developed an innovation roadmap and went to Rotterdam to help Zadkine do the same.

Innovating Rotterdam’s education offer

The big question: How to develop two new educational programmes – fit for Rotterdam – and together with the industry. 

We started with a broad exploration of trends and developments in the Rotterdam area to understand what opportunities would be most relevant. In co-creation with 70 teachers and managers from Zadkine, we selected two topics to explore and build into a new course: “Drinks” and “E-commerce”. Let’s log-in to the world of E-commerce.

Welcome to the fast paced E-commerce world

The online sales of products and services is growing – today it’s possible to order (almost) everything online. Simultaneously, the landscape of E-commerce is developing at a rapid pace: from online warehouses to marketplaces, and from pure players to offline showrooms. New marketing channels pop-up and technology such as AI and Voice are becoming increasingly important. Still, with new technology comes new jobs – and young MBO talent needs to be educated to fill those positions. This is what E-commerce companies expressed. So for us the task was clear: design a ‘first-of-it’s-kind’ MBO E-commerce education program.

Co-creation fast-track

In a Treehouse workshop we explored the topic further and developed the first concept for the new programme, in co-creation with the team of Zadkine and a group of top experts from E-commerce businesses, . From there, we embarked on a co-creation fast-track. A three-day pressure cooker to design the new programme in detail, ready for piloting. Day one was all about creating the structure. On day two, we invited new experts to validate our ideas and enrich them together. Day three was about dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s and – very important – validate the new programme with students from Zadkine. Three very energetic and inspiring days finally resulted in the concept for the 010 E-commerce Academy.

010 E-com Academy

After the project an internal team of innovators continued the work by filling in the details of the concept – making sure that it will fit into the existing education format. From February 2020 the first students have started their education at the 010 E-com Academy. Together with companies in E-commerce they will embark on an inspiring journey that includes both theory and practice, partly taught by – and done for the industry.

The first year is about building a solid basis. In the second year, students will expand their skill set with specific knowledge through lectures. A big share of the skills are acquired by taking on different roles: Project Manager, Business Developer, Online Marketeer, Content Marketeer, Visual Designer and Business Intelligence. In the third and last year they will be prepared for graduation by completing a company assignment and an internship in which they take on different roles.  After three years the students receive their MBO level 4 certificate and can call themselves part of the E-team.

We look forward to see these talents at one of the many cool E-commerce companies in the future!

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