EDGE Technologies’ next generation of office buildings is all about people and planet

EDGE Technologies – a company by OVG Real Estate – already develops the most sustainable office buildings in the world. They have taken a thought-leader position in using cutting edge technology for sustainability and are ready to move towards the next frontier: people. But how do the three dimensions of sustainability, technology and people come together? What is the key story to tell? We took up the challenge and found out how office buildings can offer forward looking employers the edge they’re looking for in their business.

Fast Tracks

To get fresh perspectives, inspiration and insights, we embarked on a series of Parallel Perspectives in Amsterdam and Berlin. Visiting various thought leaders and innovators we discussed the power of design as influencer for the work environment, how to increase employee engagement, new ways of balancing work, private and social life and what role technology plays in the future workplace. With technology offering so many opportunities for improving efficiency; how do we bridge the gap between functional applications and human centered workplaces?

With all this inspiration in mind we refined the storyline for the proposition of EDGE Technologies. In co-creation with 16 great experts from companies based in Amsterdam and Berlin we discussed this story, validated and enriched it into a story that truly hits home.  Curious to learn what we came up with?

People and Planet

As EDGE Technologies has the credibility to take the next step as pioneer in the world of smart sustainable buildings, we collaboratively designed a direction to what defines their product. Sustainability is no longer only about the environment of an office building, but also about the people inside the building. As EDGE Technologies says: they put the health and wellbeing of our tenants and the planet first and foremost.

Read more about what EDGE Technologies is all about on their website.


Photo courtesy of EDGE Technologies

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